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Golden Visa
In October 2012 Portugal launched its Golden Visa Residence Programme aiming to offer Non-EU foreign investors with the opportunity to get a residence permit in Portugal through investment.

Investors can choose ONE of the following options:
1. Investment in real estate with a minimum investment of Eur. 500,000; OR
2. A cash deposit or Financial Investment through bonds, stocks or equity with a minimum value of Eur. 1,000,000; OR

Real Estate
We have more than 1.000 properties in our Portfolio.
We highlight some examples below but please contact us in order that we can offer the right property for you.

The latest news on the Golden Visa and Real Estate market

About us
We are a team of Portuguese independent Investment and Real Estate consultants.

The information provided in the website is intended as a general guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme.
We recommend that any person interested in applying to this programme should contract the services of a lawyer.
We are Real Estate specialists representing properties that qualify as a Golden Visa investment.

Site Map
Site Map

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