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August 25, 2016
Real Estate investment slows 5.7% in June

The slowdown is not viewed with concern because of the "good moment" of the Portuguese market. The office transactions led, relegating the retail to second place.

The volume of investment activity in the Portuguese Real Estate decreased in the first half of 2016. From January to June, 930 million euros were invested, representing a year on year fall of 5.7%.

Note that 2015 was a record year, highlighting the "good moment" that the national market is living. Also because the registered investment volume remains above the average of the last decade.

Offices took the leading role in the number of transactions - nearly half - relegating retail to the second position. Last year, this rubric came to represent 67% of total investments due to sales of shopping centers such as the Almada Forum, the Dolce Vita Tejo or Forum Montijo.

Foreigners accounted for 80% of turnover in the first half, with English, French and Spanish to strengthen their investments in Portugal.

This year, one of the main transactions concernd the Justice Campus of Lisbon. This asset was sold for a value of around 223 million euros. Another deal was the purchase by the Spanish Real Estate Merlin, of one of the Torres de Lisboa (Tower A, where Galp is headed) and the Monumental building, in Saldanha, for 100 million euros.

Source: Jornal de Negocios (negocios.pt)



August 05, 2016
Houses in Lisbon 22% more expensive in the last three years

The price of homes in Lisbon rose 22% between 2012 and 2015. For eight consecutive quarters that prices in Lisbon follow an upward trend.
The recovery in 2015 was 11.9% compared to the previous year, thus recording the best performance in this period.

The trend in Lisbon is reflected in the price of homes nationwide, although the rise is more slight (5.3% from 2013).

In the first half of 2016, house prices in Portugal have maintained the upward trend, although there are no official figures yet.




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