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November 19, 2016
French “surrendered” to Portugal: 3,300 real estate transactions this year

Portugal and Mauritius are the preferred destinations of the French, mainly retired, to invest across borders, especially in the real estate sector. In the case of Portugal, and due to the regime of non-habitual residents, French investors are exempt from tax for ten years provided that they spend at least 183 days a year in the country and have not been resident for tax purposes in the last five years.

According to Diário Imobiliário, which relies on an article published in the French newspaper "Les Echos", the French are the in the top to buy more houses in Portugal: this year, they have already made more than 3,300 transactions. Following are the British and Chinese citizens.

Data from the Association of Professionals and Real Estate Agents of Portugal (APEMIP) for the first quarter of the year show that one in four foreign buyers was French, 80% of whom were retired.

"Most of the investments are not only from upper-class French but from middle-class retirees who have long been planning to retire in the south of France or abroad and Portuguese tax benefits attract them”.



November 14, 2016
Portugal remains the third best country in the world to invest in real estate

The world seems to be constantly looking at the national real estate. In September, the country rose two positions in the world ranking of the best positioned countries to invest in the sector, taking third place. Position that now returns - in the October monthly ranking - to maintain.

According to TheMoveChannel, the leading independent international real estate website, which evaluates worldwide investor interest on a monthly basis, Portugal accounted for 3.45% of all inquiries in October. The USA (8.48%) continues to lead the ranking, with Spain remaining in second place (3.93%).

Canada and Turkey had the highest monthly increases - in October versus September -, now occupying the fourth and fifth positions, respectively. According to Real Estate Daily, which is based on data that are in the ranking, Cape Verde has climbed 14 places in the ranking and is now in 9th place.

Source: Diario económico




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