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Golden Visa Programme - Investment

Investors can choose ONE of the following options:

1. Investment in real estate with a minimum investment of Eur. 500,000; OR

2. A cash deposit or Financial Investment through bonds, stocks or equity with a minimum value of Eur. 1,000,000; OR

3. Through the creation of a new company with at least 10 employment positions based in Portugal;

4. SME's capitalization with a minimum investment of Eur. 500.000.


In addition to the above, an investor may also qualify for a Golden Visa:

5. Investing in a scientific research, with a minimum of Eur. 350,000;

6. Funding an Arts & Culture project, with a minimum of Eur. 250.000;

7. Purchasing, rebuilding or renovating urban properties in specific historic areas (minimum of Eur. 350.000 with the obligation of renovation works approved by the local municipality);

8. Invest in less preferred regions, that is, regions with a population of less than 100,000 inhabitants or with a GDP of 75% or less of the national average, in which case the conditions laid out with respect to real estate have a 20% reduction, resulting the minimum investment in Eur. 400.000;


Get a fixed return of your investment from 5 - 8% /year or more

Your investment in Real Estate can generate a fixed income, besides the valuation of the property or properties.
You can invest in one or more properties (as long as the total investment tops the minimum of Eur. 500.000) and rent them with us. Or you can resell and reinvest your properties with a profit or invest in rebuilding and renovating historic builings and sell them afterwards with a great valuation.

We look forward to discuss with you the best solutions to your property or properties management.


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